Cinderella: Old vs. New

I saw the new live action Cinderella movie this weekend and wanted to share my thoughts on how it stacked up against the classic animated version.

We all know how much I love fairy tales, and I had been looking forward to this retelling of Cinderella since the teaser trailer of the glass slipper came out ages ago. However, I always go into remakes cautiously–especially when it comes to an iconic story like this.

The live action version was visually stunning. The set and the costumes were unbelievably detailed and intricate–a perfect backdrop to let Lily James’ natural beauty shine through. For most of the movie, she’s dressed very plainly, and it is very effective.


And then there’s the moment she gets her ball gown. That DRESS. Sigh…


new dress

The step sisters and nasty old stepmother brought a little humor to the story, but they were more cruel than funny–Cate Blanchette in particular gave her character a lot of depth. Even when there was an opening to feel sorry for her, I still didn’t because she was so mean.



The character that did make me laugh? Helena Bonham Carter as the Fairy Godmother. Boy, did she get a costume upgrade in the new movie.


She was hilarious and her part was over far too quickly. I wish they had given her more screen time!

The prince got more personality in the live action than he did in the animated version, which was nice. He even got a couple little plot twists and was the proper amount of dreamy.

PicMonkey Collage

I have two complaints. The first is that they didn’t use any of the classic music in the movie. Not even in the background or as a different arrangement. I was really disappointed in this, because the music from the classic version is so well-loved (I walked down the aisle to “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes”, so I might be a little biased). One of my favorite things about MaleficentΒ was that creepy arrangement of “Once Upon a Dream” they used in the previews, and I was hoping for something like that in the new Cinderella.

The other was that there were three parents who died in the movie and each was given their own heartbreaking scene. It was depressing and, I think, a bit overkill. If I want a sobfest over dying parents, I’ll go watch Lion King.

But overall? It was pretty to look at, the mean people got what they deserved, and the good guys got their happily ever after. And another fantastic dress. And really, what else can you ask for from a fairy tale?